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Biographie ChinaStainlessSteelChannelCalbeTrayFactory Our History
Our company 鈥揂nhua mainly produces cable trays, busways and etc.
Our company is a provincial star enterprise, a secondary measurement enterprise and a super credit enterprise. In 2002, the company passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. In 2005, the bus duct and switchgear passed the national 3C compulsory certification. In the same year, it obtained the certificate of "national electrical industry, assured quality and qualified products of national standards" from China Light Product Quality Assurance Center. The company has been rated as a "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise by provinces and cities for years.
Our Product
The XQJ series cable trays produced by our company are divided into eight series: steel and stainless steel ladder type, tray type, trough type, combined type, large span type, aluminum alloy, flame retardant FRP and fire-proof bridge. Among them, the fire-proof bridge has been tested by the national fire-proof building material quality supervision and inspection center, and the main technical indicators have exceeded the national standards and reached the highest level in China. Surface treatment is divided into painting, galvanizing, purification, electrostatic powder spraying, zinc nickel alloy, hot dip galvanizing, galvanizing plus spraying, impregnation polyethylene coating, etc.
Our bus duct products mainly include: CMC copper bus duct, cmc-l aluminum bus duct, BMC bus duct, tzhu safety sliding contact wire, ZM lighting bus duct and GFM high-voltage common box enclosed bus duct. CMC series bus duct is a compact "sandwich" structure intensive bus duct developed and produced by our company based on the original bus duct and international advanced production technology and process equipment. The shell of this type of bus duct is molded with aluminum magnesium alloy material, so the overall bus duct occupies less space, has higher mechanical strength and better heat dissipation effect, The performance of bus duct can be further improved.
Product Application
It is applicable for laying cables.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Laser cutting machine, Plasma cutting machine, steel bending machine, Welding Machine, Automatic Punching machine.
Production Market
Our products have been available in 31 provinces and cities of China.
Anhua provides quality supporting products for Shougang Group, Baoshan Iron and Steel Plants, metros in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, etc., Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant and other key national projects.
In the mean time, the products are also exported to the Japan, the United States, Austria, the Middle East and other countries and regions and Anhua is the long-term partner of Japan JFE, Nippon Steel, Kobe's three major steel groups and Germany Siemens.ChinaStainlessSteelChannelCalbeTrayFactory
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